Sumoi Producer in the region of Penedès, Spain
Can Sumoi is a project started by childhood friends Pepe Raventós and Francesc Escala. They revitalise old, high altitude vineyards with organic and biodynamic farming practices and make gorgeous, vivid wines from local grape varieties such as Sumoll, Parellada, Garnacha Blanca, and Xarel.lo.

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The Story of Can Sumoi

Can Sumoi is a project of restoration, based in the mountains of Penedès, Spain — the heart of Cava country.

The nearly 400-year-old agricultural estate was largely abandoned until 2017, when Pepe Raventós cycled by and saw its potential. He purchased it and, along with his childhood friend Francesc Escala, immediately began the massive undertaking of revitalising the old vines as well as the surrounding forest. 

The scope of the project is no small feat: it involves resuscitating old vines with organic and biodynamic farming practices, planting new vines (of indigenous, endangered grape varieties like Sumoll), bringing the nearby forest back to life, and renovating the three old farmhouses onsite. 

This place is undoubtedly magical: located at 600m above sea level, there is a gorgeous view out to the Mediterranean Sea (allegedly, on a clear day you can see Mallorca), and the warm salty breeze is a constant presence. Vineyards surround the old central farmhouse, which is stately but crumbling – a charming combination – and more vineyards are hidden amid the forest. 

The wine made from these grapes is pure and honest, made with natural fermentations, no additives beyond a minimal amount of sulphur, and no filtration. There’s no doubt about it: Can Sumoi is a place with an incredible history. We are honoured to witness its future being written. 

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