Dry Riesling
Dry Riesling
Dry Riesling

#004 Dry Riesling

Limited edition Sustainably farmed 12% vol 200ml

Gold Medal Winner

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About this wine

Riesling…from Luxembourg…in a can…You heard that right! We’re doubling down on this super fresh, dry expression of one of our all-time favourite grapes.

Tasting Notes

Zesty. Vibrant. Peachy.

Produced by Domaine L&R Kox
In the region of Moselle River, Luxembourg
Corinne Kox is a forward-thinking third-generation winemaker. Her latest experiment is planting trees between rows of vines to promote biodiversity and to combat the effects of climate change in the vineyard. Read the full story
Grape type: Riesling

Recyclable Can

Limited Edition

Low Carbon Footprint