L&R Kox Producer in the region of Moselle River, Luxembourg
Corinne Kox is a forward-thinking third-generation winemaker. Her latest experiment is planting trees between rows of vines to promote biodiversity and to combat the effects of climate change in the vineyard.

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Corinne's Story

Curiosity and enthusiasm emanate from this young winemaker: you can feel it when you talk to her, and you can experience it in her vineyards, which burst with life. You can taste it in her wines, too. 

Corinne Kox didn’t always want to be a winemaker. She took issue with the concept of agriculture, as it felt too imposed, too manipulated, too unnatural. She left home, wine country in Luxembourg, to study biology in France, and entertained a career in academia. When she made the decision to return to her family’s winemaking estate in 2012, she decided to approach agriculture with a different perspective. 

She has spent the last decade defining her own approach to agriculture, and to making wine. Not afraid to experiment, she applies the concept of vitiforestry to her vineyards, incorporating trees (apple, pear, plum, apricot, almond) and other shrubs and plants amongst the rows of vines in order to increase biodiversity, provide shade for vines in increasingly warmer temperatures, and help sustain more continuous “ecological corridors” between wild and cultivated land. A family of endangered bats lives on the edge of one of her vineyards. Grasses and herbs grow tall and flowers bloom between the vines, each with a different restorative or protective purpose for the soil. This is certainly not the easiest way of working the land, but to Corinne, this is the only way. 

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