Wein Producer in the region of Eisenberg, Austria
Markus Bach and Edgar Brutler, the team at Groszer Wein, are making expressive wine from the region’s most famous grape, Blaufränkisch. Their 20 hectares of vines, growing in alpine slate soils, are located in eastern Austria and are farmed organically.

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The Story of Groszer Wein

In southern Burgenland, Austria – a region so close to the Hungarian border that sometimes the vines are just 10 metres away – the landscape is beautiful and varied, with rolling hills and forests interspersed with vineyards and other crops. This means that vines planted even a few minutes’ drive away from each other could experience entirely different microclimates and soils.

Groszer Wein is an ambitious project that is seeking to express the nuances of these different sites of this region by working with local grape varieties, sustainable farming practices, and minimal-intervention winemaking.

They have recently completed the transition of the 20 hectares of vines to certified organic farming. They farm mostly Blaufränkisch, but also some Furmint, Sauvignon Blanc, Welschriesling, Pinot Noir, and Müller Thurgau (a native grape usually associated with low quality wines – but which can also produce great wines if made with proper care). As Markus points out, "Anyone, in any region, can plant a Cabernet or a Merlot. We are interested in finding the local gems that can only flourish here, the ones that make this region special.” 

A tip to the uninitiated: don’t try to visit Groszer Wein by public transport. It’ll take you two days – we know, because we did it. If you visit, which you absolutely should, do yourself a favour and rent a car. 

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