Corinne Kox, winemaker of Domaine L&R Kox, standing in front of her vineyard.

Domaine L&R Kox

Corinne Kox is a forward-thinking third-generation winemaker. Her latest experiment is planting trees between rows of vines to promote biodiversity and to combat the effects of climate change in th...
A man from Can Sumoi is holding a bunch of white grapes

Can Sumoi

Can Sumoi is a project started by childhood friends Pepe Raventós and Francesc Escala. They revitalise old, high altitude vineyards with organic and biodynamic farming practices and make gorgeous, ...
Markus Bach and Edgar Brutler, winemakers of Groszer Wein, standing together.

Groszer Wein

Markus Bach and Edgar Brutler, the team at Groszer Wein, are making expressive wine from the region’s most famous grape, Blaufränkisch. Their 20 hectares of vines, growing in alpine slate soils, ar...